Circular saw blades HSS-DM05
Circular saw blades HSS-Co5%
CIRCULAR SAW BLADES HSS-DM05Manufactured in super high speed steel with high content of tungsten essential to reduce tool wear increasing cutting performance and molybdenum that increases tool tenacity and maintains high mechanical resistence. Vanadium contributes more to wear resistance.Circular Saw BladesCircular saw blades HSS-DM05
CIRCULAR SAW BLADES HSS-Co5%Manufactured in super high speed steel which garantees DM05 steel performance and thanks to 5% Cobalt maintains an excellent degree of hardness high operating temperatures.
Suitable for cutting very high-alloy materials such as stainless steel and very hard metals, which tend to develope high temperatures in the cutting zone.
Circular Saw BladesCircular saw blades HSS-Co5%