Our history

ABS UTENSILI is an Italian company with a long tradition of tool production and reconditioning. It was created in 1975 from the intuition of Adriano Bernardi and his wife Maria.

The management has been handed down from the founders to their children and grandchildren, who still continue with passion and enthusiasm.

Our fixed points

In the international and domestic markets, we have our fixed points: we always deliver quality tools, whether standard or special.
We are partners, working to solve problems, and provide constant technical support for tool sharpening and coating services.

Investing to expand

Over the years, ABS UTENSILI has made significant and continuous investments in technology and personnel, constantly offering the market new tools that have always stood out for their reliability and precision.
All this, combined with careful customer service, has enabled ABS UTENSILI to expand into new markets and become the important company it is today.

A global reality in over 50 countries

LOREB GROUP at present is operating in more than 50 countries with the aim of establishing themselves ever more incisively on the global market.


Our strategies are aimed at achieving
excellence in terms of product and service quality.
Thanks to our distribution and service centres in the territory, we are able to get a close insight into the needs of our customers and partners, ensuring our direct presence in the market.


In an increasingly competitive industrial system, we are committed to expanding our product range to cover the different needs of the various markets.
The focus on research and development of new technological solutions and dedication to our customers and partners are the foundations of our Group.

This is our goal and our challenge.