Sharpening tools for precision mechanics

The ABS service of sharpening and coating tools is one of the company's main services.

ABS is specialized in sharpening and coating mills and drills and meets any customer need as for flexibility, quality and quick delivery. All types of tools, mills or drills are sharpened, regenerated by last generation CNC centers and state of the art software, controlled by a staff who is both efficient and backed by ABS' 40-years-experience. The vast range of coating typologies (all internal) are one more guarantee of the ABS service which controls every production phase.

Types of:
Sharpening milling machines

Sharpening Milling Machines

The milling machine is one of the most utilized tools in the field of mechanical processing and its correct operation depends on a good sharpness and coating.

A reliable partner at the forefront of developments to whom you can trust the sharpening and coating of the milling machine has this become a fundamental requirement for the mechanical industry: Abs Tools is just that, thanks to its long experience in the sector, combined with sharpening centres at the forefront of technology. Sharpening and coating is carried out in a short time maintaining the features of the original tool unchanged.

We carry out mill sharpening both in HSS and carbide of all types and also other tools:

•    Sharpening Milling Machines

•    Sharpening carbide mill

•    Sharpening taper mill

•    Sharpening rotary mill

•    Sharpening cut-head mill

•    Sharpening ball mill

•    Sharpening toric mill

•    Sharpening cylindrical mills

•    Sharpening conical mills

•    Sharpening front mills

•    Sharpening HSS cutters

•    Sharpening HSS disc cutters

•    Sharpening carbide mill

•    Micro grain carbide mills

•    Sharpening mills for aluminium

•    Sharpening mills for stainless steel

•    Sharpening cut-head mills

•    Sharpening ball mills

•    Sharpening special mills

•    Sharpening toric mills

•    Sharpening tools

And all the tools used in the mechanical industry.

For maximum performance of the tool, ABS offers a variety of high-performance tool coatings.

-Titanium nitride (TiN)

-Titanium carbonitride (TiCN)

-Nitride of titanium and aluminium (TiAIN)

-Chromium titanium aluminium nitride (SKiLL, AICrN)

-Tungsten carbide and carbon (WC/C)

- a-C:Hsp2-sp3 (DLC)

-Monolithic polycrystalline (DIAMOND)

-Alcrona (AICrN)

Besides a complete mill sharpening and tool coating service, ABS also offers an after delivery service. ABS Tools has spent 40 years of its business in direct, daily contact with its clients, allowing it to solve all the inherent problems of sharpening, cutting and boring every type of material. Therefore a high level of technical assistance both “on-site” and by phone is guaranteed. Sharpening of any type of tool upon specific request of a client is possible, both for sharpening tools in carbide; sharpening carbide mills and for sharpening tools and mills in hss.

For further information on mill machine sharpening and tool coating contact us and our staff will provide you with all the necessary information to choose the tools most suitable for your needs.


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