Carbide drills, reamers, countersink

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Types of Carbide drills:

Carbide drills

For maximum performance of the drill bits, ABS Utensili offers a variety of high-performance coatings:

  • titanium nitride (W-TiN)
  • titanium carbide nitride (TiCN)
  • titanium and aluminium nitride (TiAlN)
  • aluminium titanium chromium nitride (TiN2N, AlCrN)
  • tungsten carbide and carbon (WC/C)
  • a-C:Hsp2-sp3 (DLC)
  • mono-layer polycrystalline (DIAMON) 
Carbide drills for stainless steel

The range of ABS carbide drill bits has been expanded with a dedicated series for drilling stainless steel


Standard ABS Utensili carbide, HSSE and brazed MD reamers cover all material requirements: steel, cast iron, brass, bronze, aluminium, copper, plastics.

Countersink with unequal spacing

ABS Utensili's variable pitch countersinks guarantee stability during the entire countersinking process in the absence of vibration.

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