Standard Micrograin Carbide end Mills

Renowned at world level, ABS Utensili srl has been operating since 1975 in the sector of tools production and standard Micrograin Carbide mills production. In continuous technical evolution, the company has always been committed to quality and extending its range, to meet the needs of the mechanical industries.

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Micrograin Carbide end Mills

Carbide end mills

A wide range of carbide mills for machining steels of different hardnesses, stainless steel, cast iron, titanium alloys, special alloys, light alloys, non-ferrous metals, Nickel and Nickel alloys, copper and many others.

Carbide mills for aluminium

Carbide mills dedicated to machining aluminium, but also unalloyed copper, thermoplastics and aluminium castings.

Sub-micrograin carbide mills

The Sub-Micrograin carbide mill series is dedicated to machining hardened steels and for the heaviest applications

Carbide end micro mills

The series was created for micro machining in the automotive, aviation, medical, connection technology, watchmaking, jewellery, machine tools and precision mechanics sectors in general.

Service and reliability

Flexible and also committed to tools production in series and the creation of pieces according to special designs and measures, it is involved in the consultancy, design and processing phases, as well as providing a sharpening service by qualified technicians. The fast delivery of the standard Micrograin Carbide mills is guaranteed by the well equipped stores which satisfy any customer's need.

A fundamental aspect of quality par excellence in ABS is the careful selection of raw materials assessed according to quality criteria, performance and duration over time. The reliability of ABS is confirmed by its state of the art machines, numeric control latest generation equipment capable of guaranteeing maximum precision. Perfected processes on the tools production and standard Micrograin Carbide mills are made sure thanks to accurate checks on the modern control systems. The experience of the ABS staff, supported by state of the art technology, leads to results that continue to meet customer expectations.

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